The RCTS Difference: Superb Execution. Clear Results.

At RCTS, our services are not uncommon, but the accuracy and clarity with which we deliver those services make us one of a kind.


At RCTS, the only acceptable data are data that accurately and reliably reflect observations recorded during the course of the study.

We adhere to strict policies and procedures throughout every aspect of study design and execution, with meticulous quality control (QC) every step of the way. Study-related documentation — from source documents to final reports — is carefully reviewed by one or more members of our QC team. Members of the QC team oversee all manipulations and dilutions of test articles and are present to observe every technician to ensure that studies are conducted in accordance with the approved protocol, SOPs, ICH-GCP guidelines and any other pertinent regulatory guidelines.


RCTS is committed to providing unparalleled service and quality to ensure the successful execution of your clinical trials.

For almost 20 years, RCTS has provided dermatology testing services, and, in that time, we have learned that expert knowledge and training are what make superb research execution possible. Today and tomorrow, we are and will remain the dermatology testing experts dedicated to you and your trials. Understanding your goals is paramount to ensuring the success of your trials, and our team will work closely with yours to ensure goals, roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and attainable before executing your trials. On-site investigator meetings, coupled with expert protocol development and thoughtful design, contribute to successful execution of clinical trials.


From our team to our testing facilities, RCTS is geared to assess the clinical effects and market perceptions of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and consumer products.

In addition to instrumental measurements, RCTS has expert clinical graders on staff trained to visually assess key skin attributes important to the development of skin care and dermatologic products. Our team maintains a consulting relationship with a professional biostatistician with more than three decades of clinical biostatistics experience. Our statistician provides expert statistical analyses of study data and, when needed, pre-study advice on protocol design.

RCTS also maintains consulting relationships with board-certified physicians in dermatology, ophthalmology, gynecology, pediatrics and biostatistics. These experts include:

  • Raymond Garcia, M.D., Board-certified Dermatologist
  • Max Adler, M.D., Board-certified Dermatologist and Board-certified Pediatrician
  • Ponciano Cruz, M.D., Board-certified Dermatologist
  • Gene Ream, M.D., Board-certified Dermatologist
  • Michael S. Harris, M.D., Board-certified Ophthalmologist
  • Patricia Harris, M.D., Board-certified Gynecologist
  • Sharon Bakos, M.D., Board-certified Gynecologist
  • James T. Boyd, M.D., Board-certified Gynecologist
  • Bruce Stouch, Ph.D. (Biostatistician)


Every project at RCTS is supported by educated and well-trained staff members who have years of experience.

All RCTS clinical research technicians, clinical research coordinators and quality assurance team members are educated and are CITI certified in Good Clinical Practice (GCP), and most have bachelor’s degrees or higher in biological or physical sciences. All employees undergo extensive training in clinical procedures, data capture and study documentation (protocols, informed consent, adverse events and final reports). Newly hired technicians are required to successfully pass in-house practical exams that assess knowledge of clinical trial procedures and the basic principles, care and maintenance of bioinstrumentation. Clinical research technicians, clinical research coordinators and quality assurance staff participate in protocol review meetings and day-to-day quality assurance observations and other relevant topics.


Our 16,500-square-foot building was designed and built specifically for use as a clinical testing facility and, as such, houses all the specialized work areas and technologies required of a state-of-the-art testing center.

Because of our spacious facilities and large number of testing rooms, RCTS is uniquely capable of handling large studies with ease, even those requiring large numbers of test panelists per day. As a result, we can initiate and complete clinical tests on time. Our electronic clinical data undergoes multiple redundant backups every 15 minutes, and full staggered redundant backups are conducted twice each night. This data is stored in a controlled-access, HVAC-regulated server room. Paper files are stored on site for a limited period of time in a controlled-access storage room, then moved off site to a secure, fireproof storage facility.

Panelist and Testing Areas

  • Large, comfortable reception area and multiple waiting rooms
  • 23 individual patch test booths and two closed-door privacy interview rooms
  • Four private medical examination rooms
  • Large microbiology room
  • Five temperature- and humidity-controlled evaluation rooms
  • Three controlled-access test article storage rooms and a keypad-controlled equipment vault
  • Spacious sample prep area