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RCTS provides clinical testing services in two main categories:
(1) Safety
(2) Claims Substantiation

Safety Testing

Safety testing consists of a wide variety of patch studies and safety-in-use studies.

Patch Studies

Irritation and Allergy

Patch studies which are designed to determine irritation and allergy potential of test materials following repeated application to the backs of human volunteers.


To account for possible UV light-mediated irritation or allergy, we also conduct patch studies that include UV exposure to patch test sites.

Comedogenicity Assay

A back-patch safety study designed to test for the formation of comedones (non-inflammatory acne lesions).  This test can help support the claim “non-comedogenic”.

Safety-In-Use (SIU) Studies

Safety-in-use studies are designed to determine safety of products when used by volunteers at home under normal use conditions.

Click here to view the types of safety studies conducted at RCTS.

Claims Substantiation/Efficacy Testing

Claims substantiation/efficacy studies are designed to evaluate marketing claims (such as reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, increase in skin moisturization, non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic, SPF, etc.). These studies can be simple in design and of short duration, or can be complex, long-term studies requiring multiple visits to the testing facility, with both clinical and instrumental measurements and sophisticated statistical analyses being utilized.

Click here to view the types of claims substantiation/efficacy studies conducted at RCTS.

Expert Clinical Grading

RCTS has expert clinical graders on staff trained to visually assess key skin attributes important to the development of skin care products and dermatologicals.

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Protocol and Questionnaire Design

If your product testing requires a new or unique procedure, we are happy to execute a protocol of your design or help you create one that meets your specific testing needs.

In addition to the design of clinical protocols, we also have extensive experience in the design and execution of consumer preference questionnaires that can help companies determine which formulas are best suited for advancement to long-term clinical studies and, ultimately, national marketing.