RCTS maintains a large, ethnically diverse test-panelist database, which enables us to quickly identify and recruit individuals who meet study specific inclusion/exclusion criteria. Over the years, this database has grown to include approximately 4,000 adults and 2,000 children (including infants and toddlers).

Expert management of this important asset has become one of the keys to our success, and we continually update the database to ensure the most efficient and thorough tracking of all test-population-related parameters, such as panelist age, address, phone number, ethnicity, medical history, availability for testing, consumer product preferences and much more.


Because RCTS maintains a full-time recruiting staff, we can access our panelist database quickly and efficiently to successfully recruit the required number of volunteers, regardless of the size, scope or schedule of the study.

We also use a variety of other media in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for subject/patient recruitment including newspapers, social media, radio and television. Because of the large population density in this metropolitan area, particularly within a 10-mile radius of RCTS, we are very well positioned to enroll subjects meeting study criteria.