To determine the safety of topical products, RCTS provides a range of clinical testing procedures, including a broad range of in-use and patch studies.

Safety-in-Use (SIU) Studies

Determining product safety under normal or exaggerated use conditions.

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Patch Studies

Human repeat insult patch tests (HRIPT) for contact sensitization/irritation and acute or cumulative patch tests irritation.

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Clinical Grading

For many skin attributes, particularly facial skin attributes, expert grading via the human eye is the instrument of choice for assessing clinical changes. To instill confidence, those who employ expert visual grading must be well-trained and practiced at applying the scoring scales used to assess these skin attributes. At RCTS, you will find expert clinical graders who have many years of training and experience, which ensures consistent and reproducible grading. We are expert graders in the following conditions or skin attributes:

Clinical Grading Expertise

  • Acne, including facial acne
    • Open comedones
    • Closed comedones
    • Papules
    • Pustules
    • Nodules
    • Dryness
    • Redness
    • EASI
    • PASI

Efficacy Grading

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Numerous facial characteristics (partial list)
    • Skin tone
    •  Texture
    •  Firmness
    •  Sallowness
    •  Elasticity
    •  Redness
    •  Clarity
    •  Dryness
    • Overall appearance
    • Pore size
    • Radiance
    • Age spots